Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blinding leds for shameless dirty race.

With Airgonay wood racing success 2 weeks ago, we've all saw Red Baron rear leds added a big part of the buzz around.
This made the red 5050 leds I used for ages looks like a candle in daylight.

So I've reworked again the Pocket Rocket 3D printed case from the previous post, and added some jet engine type area to fit HK led corns like those.
They have different power, I feel the 6 leds version already sufficient for that, but if you want to blind your opponents, you still can use the 10 leds one.

They will snap-on on the printed case, no need to glue them. Wires goes out inside the frame.

Only the rear part under the led case needs support for printing. 
(Updated STL files will be available shortly here.)

They are really bright, you can't even watch them with your own eyes (and don't even try).
Next step now, building a little circuit to vary strobe speed depending of throttle stick position.

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