Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3D printed makeup for Pocket Rocket

Here is a remix from Englishman/DTFUHF Pocket Rocket case.

This one has integrated stand-off, rear space dedicated for video tx and some side holes for airing/loweringweight )

This case is dedicated to use fatshark 600TVL cam.
You can download my stl files here.

I've also took the opportunity to install some 18A Kiss Esc  on the PR.
Still flying baseflight, using looptime=2000 & 500hz refresh rate seems to be perfect.
PIDs need a bit of retweaking, like lowering P for pitch / roll. It sounds logical, those esc are far more responsive, even compared to Simonk.

Maiden was done with 6x4.5" hq props  & 10° tilted motor mounts on 30km//h wind, I have to say, it has never flew so good.

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