Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tricopter maiden

First fpv tryout of the printed tricopter showed in previous article.

PID were tuned using newautotune Taulabs feature from Peabody124.
I haven't touched anything and it almost give me really good settings.

Brocopter Y3 250, first maiden.

I still can improve the behavior.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brocopter Y3: 3D printed mini foldable tricopter

So I've bought a 3D printer this summer, best hobby investment I've ever done so far.

To celebrate that I've decided to draw a mini tricopter. But I didn't want to have the yaw mechanic at the tail end.
After many different draws & simulation on Autodesk Inventor 2014 (top notch tool for that task), I've ended with a double ball bearing boom tail.

Here is the 3D assembly of the different parts

Center plates are cut on 1.5mm carbon fiber plates and total weight is under 100g. Weight can still be improved, I will try different filling rate later.

The tricopter have 3x 12A Kiss Esc from Flyduino. I've made a little piece to fill them all tightly and organise power distribution:

Then this plate is sticked to a CC3D case for the flight controller. It's a remix of the official one, using less height. You can find it on the Thingiverse page of this project.

The little black cube on the left is a 5V voltage regulator ( Recom 1A) for powering FC, servo & radio Rx.

It's now time to assemble  all the parts. I've mounted everything hanging up from the top plate. This way I can access the Esc wires, etc by just removing the bottom plate.

Flight controller is protected from water and dust. There's only holes for the servo connectors.

And here is the beast ready to fly:

Once folded

In the air

I've published all the needed STL and DXF to  Thingiverse.
There's also the RCGroups thread that should bring you more informations if you want to make one.

If some peoples are interested, I can have some center plates or complete kit with printed parts. 
Send me a message directly.

Videos are coming. :)