Sunday, April 20, 2014

Update non 3DR pixhawk using Mission Planner

Edit: Outdated, they've added a new check on MissionPlanner executable.
Grab the forked Mission Planner here:

After the tools posted yesterday, here is another trick.

I was looking in MP sources where's the otp restriction was hidden, in fact this is closed in a binary blob called pix4uploader.exe and source are not provided ( or have I missed'em? ).
I had to rollback to MP 1.2.74 to find one that works.

edit: outdated Download this here  and extract it in the Mission Planner directory.

Then you can use MP to update your clonehawk


  1. Please give the link where I can download this file:

  2. you don t need it anymore. Legit mission planner doesn t block clones anymore