Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3DR cat & mouse play

Yesterday Mission Planner devs had fall back and removed bad otp check that prevent to upload firmware with homebrew boards.
This morning, the protection is back in their git.
WTF is happening in their head, don't they understand this completely deserve their purpose?

Anyway, this fake Open Source mind is tiring me.
I've forked Mission Planner on my github and will maintain a no otp version until they change their attitude on this.

Here is the fork: https://github.com/KipK/MissionPlanner

and up to date binaries will be maintained here http://mp.wedontneednasa.com/.

Please 3DR guys,open your mind, respect open source spirit, improve your communication & marketing skills. Bad buzz is always a no go in business.


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  2. Does this software also detects an older Bootloader and firmware and automatic suggest to upgrade?