Friday, February 28, 2014

Ground OSD work in progress

So, here we are for ground osd.

It's a fork of minimosd-extra. I've replaced Mavlink support for LightTelemetry.
Ghettostation repack & send LTM packets to the minimosd at 38400 bauds using softserial. ( I don't think going higher baudrate in softserial won't cause problems. )
I had some hard time to make softserial working with servos. It was causing big troubles because of Timer & interrupts problems.
Once I've moved the servo to PWMServo lib it worked like it should.

There's not much things changed in the original minimosd code for now But I will lighten it, there's lot of useless things on it for ground use.

You can see the actual result:


Sorry for the glitches, I have a wiring problem on this little quad.

So we have like 400ms lag when using audio telemetry. I'm still working on tricks to improve this, but it's already far usable.

edit: I've found a bug on my side.
There was a bottleneck in the serial stream at 2400 bauds. Too much data, I've forgotten to count the start/stop bit for each bytes ( we're communicating with 8n2 serial ).
So I've switched the GPS & Sensor frames at 2 hz and here we go :

Far better isn't it. :)

 I'm still fighting on a way to grab the RSSI from the naze32. For now there's no ADC support in baseflight ( I've encountered some bugs by hacking it for analog rssi ) , and pwm rssi only works when not using PPM mode. I hope Dongs will be able to give a look to this.
 No problem with Taulabs btw.

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