Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ghettostation software: some big updates

I moved Ghettostation from GoogleCode to GitHub recently:

Because GitHub is cool and that's the place to be. -_-

Many improvements have been made codewise. Things still needs to be polished, but we should have a first stable release in a few.
All documentation & schemes in GoogleCode/Github are completely outdated for now.

- lots of clean-up and debugging.

- Teensy++2 support. It's the new reference platform for the project. 328P based Arduinos are still maintained, but none of the new functionalities are supported because of lack of memory & flash.
Teensy++2 have 4x more memory/eeprom/flash size, separated serial port for uart & usb & is Arduino IDE compatible ( using Teensyduino ).
I'll probably remove the 328p support. I don't want this project to finish in a #if #endif orgy.

- On field protocol change support: All supported protocols are compiled on the Teensy++2. Switch on the field from Multiwii msp protocol to UavTalk, or any other one.
I'll probably add some autodetection later.

- Added HMC5883 i2c mag support. Feeds antenna tracker heading automatically.

- Supports more open protocols: Multiwii MSP, OpenPilot/Taulabs UAVTalk, Autoquad/Ardupilot Mavlink

- Custom LightTelemetry protocol for low baudrates ( 1200 bauds or bigger ).
This is a one way only telemetry protocol.
I'm actually testing it with a Taulabs module, but will probably port it to OpenPilot & Multiwii too.
Lowering baudrate on RF Data transmission usually means bigger range. At 1200 bauds 433/915 mhz telemetry links should gives some pretty insane results.

LightTelemetry is the perfect candidate to use with FSK audio modem & your audio downlink.
I'm pretty sure it will pwns my 915mhz 3DR link range used with dipole antennas.

A dedicated article will detail this & the LightTelemetry proto when I receive those damn TCM3105 chipsets.

Meanwhile, I've also finished the hardware part :)

Field test soon.