Thursday, August 22, 2013

Virtual Bar mode is the way to go for acro

 OpenPilot / Taulabs have another flying mode than Rate & Axis Lock that is really fun for acro.

Here is how it's documented on the wiki:

This mode is different than rate mode in that it does not try to roll at a fixed number of degrees/s for each stick position, but rather applies the sticks directly to the outputs and applies a damping from the gyros.  The end result is that you can get much more aggressive rates...

 When I've tried last year on OpenPilot code, it was really hard to tune, because of missing D term in the PID loop.
James added it on Taulabs, and now it seems better. There's still a missing I term for attitude drift, but it's already really flyable and fun to play with.

The video is a jello orgy, one of my props had 1 cm missing on one side. Only saw it at the end of the flight of course.

VBAR mode or nothing

The quad was a bit too snappy, I need to lower P termst. But still really good control.

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