Monday, May 27, 2013

Alexmos brushless gimbal

Had this Alexmos board laying on my desk for a while now, waiting to be tested.

For those who missed the last 6 month hysteria around this subject, Alexmos developped end of 2012 a new approach of camera stabilization:

Before, we only had one solution for UAV, servo based gimbals.
The problem with servos was the low movement resolution, and the mecanical design inducing plays in bearing & slow reactions.
Alex approach was to use rewinded brushless motors with help of a dedicated stabilisation board & a 6 axis IMU.
Meanwhile, a german team launched their open source version of brushless gimbal. I haven't tested it yet, but seems promising too.

6 month later this thing goes mass market. Even chineses already entered in the game with a big range of products.
I doubt much people today will continue to use servo based gimbal, considering the result is far better to what we had to deal with before.

So I bought this cheap RCTimer alu gimbal:

Removed the top based fixation and made a front fixation for Iconic-X fpv frame.

I use the GoPro 3 back connector to grab video/audio signal and route it on a 3 way video switch.
This allows me to switch in flight between stabilized Gopro 3 & fixed fpv cam.

Tuning Alexmos softare PIDs was not a pain, took me 10 mn to achieve a pretty acceptable result.

Here is the non edited yesterday shot, in a strong wind:

Not bad for a first try isn't it ?