Friday, April 26, 2013

RangeVideo RVJet

RangeVideo released yesterday their new flying wing after a long long wait.

This seems to be a really neat platform for UAV experiment.
Large wings, lot of space for FPV stuff, can handle some interesting payload, and is shipped with a Pan/Tilt module for GoPro & fpv cam.

Full kit with frame, camera gimbal, servos & some accessories cost 249$. That's not bad on the paper.
You'll need to add 99$ for the Powerpack containing motor , 60A esc, spinner & folding props.
Total package for 350$ is still a good deal I think, If quality is there.
 The bad suprise was the shipping rates. 130$ for Florida to France with USPS priority package.

Hope I won't have the custom fees to pay , I'm a bit short those days :)

So what's special with this flying wing.

First it has wings extension you can use depending of the kind of flight & payload you're planning.
Full wing span is 1.95m, without extension it will gives you 1m55 wings, better for fast maneuvers & fun flying.

The second killer feature is the embedded pan/tilt system on the front.
It's suited for Gopro & fpv cam, with a nice protection glass at the front.

I'm not sure I'll put my incoming OpenPilot Revo on it cause I need it on my fpvquad.
Too bad those are rare as diamonds.
So I'll probably try a CC3D with fixed wing nav feature first. Or perhaps it's a good opportunity to try OpenAero32 on the Naze32.

Let's wait for it to cross the Atlantic first before reviewing the precious.

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