Thursday, April 4, 2013

GhettoStation: hardware build log ( second part )

Almost finished the Ghettostation hardware & software is ready for its first revision. 

What's in the box:

- an old gopro plastic box
- 3 joypad buttons
- an lcd03 I2C 20x4( will add other LCD type later )
- an arduino ( nano or any other )
- 2 standard servos( with 180° capability, most servos of the market )
- an oplink/Xbee/RF433 or any other RF serial link with your UAV.
- a Bluetooth dongle ( for bridging the telemetry to your PC or Android phone for Groundstation software ).
- a 5V ubec 5A
- a 3s lipo 1800mA
- an ImmersionRC 5800 video diversity
- an SDCard video recorder.

The Arduino software I've made can handle any type of mechanic for pan & tilt.
The pathfinder algorithm inside should handle it without problem.

Here we have a 180° pan / 160° tilt capability. I only send it 0-360° pan angle and 0-90° tilt angle, and it will adapt its course like here:

Everything seems to work flawlessly now.
I only have to patiently wait for the week-end  for testing this crap on the field.

To be continued...


  1. Do you have the arduino software code?

  2. Everything is here: