Thursday, April 4, 2013

GhettoStation: hardware build log ( first part )

When I've started the Ghettostation, I've fixed some few objectives:


- only recycled stuff used
- mini antenna tracker & groundstation for 2.4/5.8ghz frequencies that can fit in a backpack.
- host the  wireless video receiver & SDCard video receiver in the box.
- Power all the devices from the same 3S lipo battery ( Arduino, Xbee module, Bluetooth dongle, video receiver & recorder, servos, and the video glasses ( Fatshark ).
- not loosing time on the field with wiring cables, everything needs to be already ready to fly.

I've found this old Go Pro plastic box laying around. Perfect size for my project.

Adding on it 3 joypad buttons and an LCD03 i2c LCD screen showed the potential:

For the Pan axis, I used an old thrust bearing like this.

 I've wanted the whole box paning around, just because it looks cool :).

This will allow free movement without forcing on the servo. All the weight is supported by the bearing.

I already have a big antenna tracker that can move freely at 360° pan. But this won't be really practical for this one. I need to prevent wire twisting mess.
So I choose a 180° pan 180° tilt configuration. This still allows full 360° covering by just inversing Pan & Tilt position when you need to aim backside.

Tilt axis comes from ServoCity.
Ok I've shamelessly bought this one.

It'll covers almost 180° ( 160° ), far sufficient for what I'll do with it. When you fly fpv you rarely go far away on your back.

Now, it's time to assemble all this mess.

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